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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to post an Ad?

    Its very easy. Login to your account. Click Post My Ad button available at top of the page. Fill in the Ad Post form and submit. Your Ad will be active after approval.

  • Do I need membership to post an Ad?

    You need only an account to post Simple Ads, which are Free Ads. Your account is basically a Free membership. Premium Membership is required only for those who wish to post Premium Paid Ads or group of Ads.

  • What is Simple Ad? is a Free Classifieds portal. Most of the Ads are Free! The free Ads posted are the Simple Ads.

  • What is Premium Ad?

    Premium Ads are paid ads. For those who need more attention to their ads, Premium Ads are an option. They also get Ad Boost facility.

  • What is Ad Boost?

    Ad Boost can push your ad to the top list just like a new Ad. You dont have to repost your ad to get it listed in the latest ads.

  • How much does it cost for Premium Membership?

    Premium Membership pricing depends on the paid Category you choose and the type of account you have. For Individuals and Companies, the pricing differs. For more information, please visit our Packages page.

  • How much does it cost for Premium Ad?

    The pricing for Premium Ad depends on the paid Category you choose and the type of account you have. For Individuals and Companies, the pricing differs. For more information, please visit our Packages page.

  • How many Simple Ads, Premium Ads and Ad Boosts do I have?

    Individuals with Free membership can avail 10 Free Simple Ads every month. Premium Ads and Ad Boosts depends on the Premium membership you subscribe.

  • What happens to my Ad after posting it?

    Once you submit your Ad, it will be reviewed by our team. If your Ad meets the eligibility criteria, the Ad will be approved and immediately activated. Your Ad will be available on the site.

  • Does my Ad has expiry date? If yes, what happes to Ad, after expiry?

    All Simple Ads are valid for 30 days from the date of approval. After 30 days, the Ad gets expired. Still the Ad will be available on site with Expired watermark. The expired Ad will be removed from site after 10 days. You can always repost the same Ad if you wish. The expiry of Premium Ads depends on the subscription package.

  • How can I make a payment and which currency?

    Payments for Membership or Subscriptions can be made through Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal. The prices are listed in UAE Dirhams.

  • How to check my membership / subscription benefits?

    Login to your account. Your profile page will display information on your Ads, membership & subscription benefits. Complete details of your Ad packages are available there.

  • Which are the Paid Ads or Categories?

    There are Four (4) Categories for which you need to pay to post Ads. 1. Property for Sale 2. Property for Rent 3. Cars for Sale 4. Jobs

  • I posted my Ad, but I don't see it or its not shown. Why?

    Every Ad posted will be reviewed by our team. Ads will be shown only after its approved by the team. You can always check the status of your Ad from your profile. Usally, Ads are reviewed very quickly. Ad approval is done manually, hence there might be some delay. Hence your Ad is not listed. Rejected Ads also will not be listed. If it takes more than usual time to get a response about your Ad, please send us an email with Ad details.

  • Does Ads get rejected?

    Yes, unfortunately. Those Ads that do not meet the eligibility criteria is rejected. The rejected Ads will not be listed. Duplicate Ads will also be rejected. Do not post same Ad again, even if its in different Category.

  • I lost/forgot my password. How to retrieve it?

    You can always retrieve the lost/forgotten password of your active account. Visit the login page and click Forgot Password. An email will be sent to your registered email to reset the password for your account.

  • Can I edit / delete my Ad after posting?

    Yes you can. You can always edit /delete your Ad from your profile page.

  • Can I share an Ad?

    Yes, you can. Social Sharing buttons are available on the Ad pages. You can easily share them with a click.

  • Is duplicate Ads allowed?

    No, not at all. Never post duplicate Ads, even if you choose different Category. Such Ads will be rejected. Members who does so, may face account deactivation.

  • How can I change my registered Mobile number?

    Yes, its possible. You have to login into your account. From the profile page, you can select Edit Profile, where you can easily change your mobile number.

  • How can I contact the Seller or Ad Author?

    Yes its possible to contact the seller. The contact number is always displayed on the Ad page. You can also chat with the Seller or Ad Author.

  • I found an Ad inappropriate. What can/should I do?

    If you found some Ad as fake, spam or inappropriate, you can always report us about it. On the Ad page, you can find the option Report. Click on it and report it to us with your information on that. We will take appropriate action in time.

  • Tried to register, but it shows mobile number already registered. How to solve?

    Its possible, you or other user have created an account with the same mobile number earlier. If you have registered an account with us before, try Forget Password option from the login page to retrieve your account. For further support, you can send us an email.